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How This Program Is Different From Other Programs On The Market
Accelerate your business by learning from the World’s Leading Fitness Professionals. With about 30 years of fitness experience EntreFit can teach way more than just social media brand deals. Accelerate your dreams in this industry by being coached by the most widely experienced fitness professionals.
Who Is Sean Garner?
Sean Garner is the Founder and CEO of EntreFit.  Sean and his team help professional fitness trainers develop and grow their fitness brand so they can build a business without limits.

Voted as one of the Nation’s Top Trainers by Men’s Health Magazine, Sean has not only starred in fitness DVDs and magazines, but has also owned and operated multiple fitness facilities. Starting with a CrossFit gym, expanding to a Sports Performance Gym and then moving to Miami to become a 6 figure personal trainer at one of the world’s most acclaimed wellness facilities. He now is the General Manager for a multimillion dollar facility that grew to over 800 clients in less than 4 months of opening and has coached multiple trainers to produce 6 figures in the gym as well as in the online space. 

He’s created his own online training program, Project DadBod, created online fitness courses, and has reached hundreds of thousands of people with his videos, podcasts, and has worked as a public speaker, training and developing fitness professionals, just like YOU!  
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